Boho Festival Nails

Every year when festival fever hits, out goes the monochrome wardrobe and in comes the flower power aesthetic. Follow our hippie chic boho nails tutorial to channel the trend from your talons to your daisy crown.

Boho Festival Nails

What Will I Need to Achieve Boho Festival Nails?

  • Base coat
  • Nude nail polish
  • Thin brush nail polish to draw the white lines
  • Top coat

Step 1 – Apply a Base Coat

Boho Festival Nails Step 1

Begin with a clear base coat. This will ensure your nail colour applies evenly, maximise longevity, and will protect your natural nail bed.

Step 2 – Apply Nude Nail Polish

Boho Festival Nails Step 2

Next apply a boho-inspired colour to your nails. Going for a neutral hue works best here, like a pastel nude or a latte brown.  

Step 3 – Draw the First Chevron

Boho Festival Nails Step 3

Using a thin brush nail polish, create the first chevron by marking two diagonal lines. Going for a juxtaposing colour will create more of a striking finish, we recommend a crisp white.

Step 4 – Draw the Second Chevron

Boho Festival Nails Step 4

Above the first chevron, create another. Using the side of the thin brush works best here as it will ensure a super straight line. If you do not have a nail art polish to hand then you can use a lip brush with a white polish for an extra thin line.

Step 5 – Finish with Asymmetric Tips

Boho Festival Nails Step 5

Finish the design with a couple of asymmetric straight lines.  

Step 6 – Apply a clear Top Coat

Boho Festival Nails Step 6

Seal your boho chic talons with a glossy, clear top coat. This will prevent dreaded chips and will preserve the design for longer.