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HOW TO: Unicorn Makeup for Halloween – Superdrug
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HOW TO: Unicorn Makeup for Halloween

Unicorns are seriously having a beauty-moment right now, laters mermaids. Unicorn palettes, highlighters, and accessories are enchanting the high-street this year. 

Celebrity makeup artist Cassie Lomas is here to answer all your unicorn prayers this Halloween as she gives you this tutorial showing you how to create a gorgeous glowing pink unicorn look. Follow our simple steps and watch the video to recreate the magical look...

Step 1 – Add Cream Strobing Colours

Using a small brush add the cream strobing colours to the eyelids and to the brow bone. This works as a base for your eyeshadow colours.

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Step 2 – Add Pink to the Socket

Apply a matte pink to the crease of the eye using a fluffy brush. Then carry the colour all the way along the lower lash line to meet the pink from the crease.

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Step 3 – Add Silver Eyeshadow

To set the strobing colour, apply an iridescent eyeshadow to the lids.

Step 4 – Add Dark Purple to Add Depth

Apply the colour to the outer corner of the eye to enhance the crease. Then using a setting spray - spray your brush and run the colour on lower lash line - it will be softer to apply as its slightly wet.

Step 5 – Add Pearl Eyeliner

Apply a gold pearl eyeliner to the lower lash waterline.

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Step 6 – Contour with Colours

Apply a pink colour under the cheekbones and add purple to deepen the shadow. Apply lightly to the forehead, chin and nose.

Step 7 – Highlight the Nose and Cheeks

Using a silver pearl colour add a powder highlight to the cheekbones and down the nose in a straight line.

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Step 8 – Add Matte Lip Colour

Using a matte liquid lip in a light pink colour - apply to the lips and buff the edges with a small brush.

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Step 9 – Add Lashes

Using some eyelash glue - add a pair of fluffy lashes to the lash line and hold in place until dry. Apply mascara to blend your real lashes into the false lashes.

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Step 10 – Use Concealer to Clean Up Any Mess

Apply some concealer under your eyes and blend using a blending sponge to clear away any fall-out from the eyeshadow.

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Step 11 – Apply Gems (Optional)

Apply some gems to the temple areas for a little extra gleam.

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