Forget colouring inside the lines or even outside the lines – BE the lines, BE the colour! Celebrity makeup artist Cassie Lomas teaches you how to look as though you’ve walked straight out of a Roy Lichtenstein painting. Try the look this Halloween and pop out from the crowd.

1. Bold lip

Use the Revolution Vinyl Liquid Lipstick on your lips to create a striking look.

Revolution Revolution Vinyl Liquid Lipstick Red £5.00 Buy Now

2. Pop eye

Cover your eyelids with Revlon Colourstay Creme Eyeshadow in Peacock. Using something wet will give you an intense pop of colour.

Revlon Revlon Colorstay Crème Eye Shadow Peacock £6.99 Buy Now

3. White line

Line your waterline with GOSH Kohl Eye Liner in White to make your eyes look wider. Exaggerate this by bringing the colour down through the roots of the lashes.

GOSH Gosh Kohl Eye Liner White £4.49 Buy Now

4. Get your neon

Now that the liquid products are dry, intensify the colours with some shadows from the Revolution Pro Regeneration Mischief Matte Eyeshadow palette..

Revolution Pro Revolution Pro Regeneration Mischief Matte Eye Shadow Pal £8.99 Buy Now

5. Outline your face

With a big brush, use MUA Gel Eyeliner in Black to outline your face, ears and nose.

MUA MUA Gel Eyeliner - Underground £3.00 Buy Now

6. Finer liner details

Use NYX Professional Makeup Epic Ink Eyeliner to outline your lips and nostrils, and define the hollows of your cheeks. Create a false lower lash line and a dramatic flick on top.

NYX Professional Makeup NYX Professional Makeup Epic Ink Liner £9.00 Buy Now

7. Brows

Fill in your brows with MUA Brow Define Micro Pencil in Black. We’re going for the sharpie look here, so make sure they’re solid!

MUA MUA Brow Define Micro Eyebrow Pencil Black 001 £2.50 Buy Now

8. Highlight

Use some more of the GOSH Kohl Eye Liner in White to pick up some highlights on your lips and nose, and under your brows.

9. Big, bold lashes

This look needs some striking lashes, so apply Superdrug False Lashes Intense Volume Fake Lashes and add GOSH Waterproof Volume Mascara in Black. Don’t put mascara on your lower lashes.

Superdrug Superdrug False Eyelashes Intense Volume Edition 30 £4.49 Buy Now

10. Flat matte

Apply B. Pro Makeup Setting Powder to give your skin a smooth, flat finish.