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The hair mask mistakes you didn’t realise you were making – Superdrug
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The hair mask mistakes you didn’t realise you were making

All hail the hair mask, the deep-conditioning treatment that heals your damaged hair by fixing broken strands and replacing lost moisture. But if you use a protein mask too often, it can make hair brittle. And if you apply a moisture mask on your roots, it will make your hair greasy. We spoke to celebrity hairstylist Paul Jones to find out the mistakes you could be making with your hair mask…

hair mask mistakes

Mistake No1: Not knowing what your hair needs

If your hair doesn’t seem to be improving after masking, you probably aren’t tailoring your mask to your needs. If you have broken, limp or stringy hair caused by colouring, go for a protein-based mask. The bonds in your hair are made up of protein, and your damaged hair needs more protein to rebuild those bonds.

If your hair is dry, tangled or weak as a result of using heated tools, your mane needs a moisture mask. Heated tools zap the moisture from your hair, so it needs replacing regularly.

Mistake No2: Not knowing how to use your mask

You should wash your hair with shampoo, then apply the mask before conditioning. Shampoo opens up the hair cuticles, allowing the moisture from the mask to be absorbed and bonds to be rebuilt. Applying conditioner then seals in the goodness at the cuticle.

Top tip: Avoid your roots when applying a hair mask. Start from midway down your hair and massage the mask into your hair using your fingertips. Keep going until you reach the ends.

Mistake No3: Not knowing how often to apply a mask

If you have straight hair, avoid using moisture masks more than twice a week, as they can make your roots greasy. Curly girls can NEVER have too much moisture and can use a mask daily.

Protein masks should be used just once a week and left on for no more than 30 minutes. If there’s too much protein in your hair, it will be coated, dry and brittle.

Paul’s top ingredients for hair masks

  • Argan oil Use argan oil-based products if you want to strengthen your hair. Argan oil allows hair to become more elastic, which helps to prevent breakage.
  • Coconut oil Use coconut oil-based products if you want to encourage hair growth. Coconut oil is full of vitamins and fatty acids which nourish the scalp.
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