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What to expect when you get your eyebrows threaded and tinted – Superdrug
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What to expect when you get your eyebrows threaded and tinted

Junior Beauty Writer Mollie Hammond spills on EVERYTHING you need to know beforehand...

Since Cara Delevingne burst onto the scene with her perfectly groomed power brows, I’ve never looked back. Yeah, yeah, I know Rihanna is giving serious throwback feels on the September cover of British Vogue, rocking pencil-thin 1940s-inspired eyebrows, but she’s Rihanna and I’m… well, I’m not. So, I think it’s pretty safe to say I won’t be reaching for the bleach any time soon.

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With that in mind, I need to let you in on a monthly ritual of mine. On payday every month, I take a lil leisurely stroll to Superdrug and get my eyebrows threaded and tinted. It may not sound exactly revolutionary, but don’t underestimate the sheer MAGIC it can do for your face. Your makeup instantly looks better. Going makeup free looks better. People say you look better. LIFE IS JUST GENERALLY BETTER, OK?

If you’ve never had the pleasure of this life-altering experience, I’m sure you’ll be happy to know I’ve kept notes of everything you can expect when you get your eyebrows threaded and tinted. Because I would have really appreciated knowing what ‘PULL’ meant the first time I went…

After my visit to the Superdrug brow bar


  1. It DOES hurt, but it’s bearable. It depends on your therapist (some are more aggressive than others…), your pain threshold and your time of the month.
  2. If you know you’re getting your brows done, I’d advise against applying eye makeup that day. Watering eyes are a common side effect, and we all know that doesn’t mix well with mascara.
  3. The therapist will ask you to ‘PULL/HOLD’ the skin around your eyebrow with both hands to keep it taut. If you’ve never done before, they’ll show you how to do it.
  4. Don’t be afraid to tell the therapist exactly what you want. If you’ve been growing out your arches or want to keep a certain level of thickness, let them know.
  5. The therapist will hand you a mirror once your brows are done. Now’s the time to have a good ol’ inspection to make sure they’re the exact shape you wanted.
  6. Be aware that there’ll be some redness around your eyebrows as the skin is particularly thin in this area.
  7. Which brings me to my last piece of threading advice. Say yes to the offer of aloe vera gel, which helps to reduce redness, and cools and soothes the area.


  1. If you’ve never had your eyebrows tinted at Superdrug before, you’ll need a patch test done 24 hours before treatment, to ensure you’re not allergic to the product used.
  2. Therapists will usually thread your brows before tinting them. If not, no need to panic! It’s just depends on their preference. A bit like the whole tea and milk debate…
  3. They will ask you which colour you’d like to go – the shades range from light brown to black. I’d say always go a shade darker than you’d think; the results will last longer.
  4. Vaseline is often applied around the brow to help prevent any dye getting onto your skin.
  5. Once the dye is applied, it will be left on for about five minutes. Don’t scream to the high heavens if you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror at this point…
  6. The therapist will then wipe off the tint with a cotton pad and water, and will pass you a mirror to assess your new brows. Don’t be alarmed if they look quite a lot darker than expected. Remember the skin underneath will also also have tint on it, which will come off when you wash your face.
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