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How to nail dewy coverage – Superdrug
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How to nail dewy coverage

This season the no-makeup-makeup look is the go-to beauty trend. It makes you look as if you’re straight out of the shower, from the beach or just naturally beaming from within. Luckily for some of us, it’s not completely au natural, and the look can be achieved without the help of a makeup artist. Here’s how:

Step 1 – Apply Primer

Try to find a hydrating and illuminating primer – then apply it all over your face. This will create an already glowing base before you add your foundation.

Step 2 – Apply Foundation

Apply a light-coverage foundation matching your skin tone all over your face using a foundation brush. Use a beauty blender to blend the foundation into difficult areas.

Step 3 – Apply Cream Contour Palette

Using a contour palette, apply a lighter colour under the eyes, onto the forehead and chin. Using the darker colour, define your cheekbones before blending with a beauty blender. 

Step 4 – Apply Cream Highlight

The next step is the most important to achieving the dewy look. Swirl your finger around in the cream highlight so it becomes workable. Then dab it onto the places on your face where you would like a highlight. I.e. on top of your cheekbones, nose and eyebrow bone. 

Step 5 – Apply Translucent Powder

To set that in place, add a loose translucent powder to the face, trying to avoid the highlighted areas.

Step 6 – Apply Powder Highlight

Using a fan brush and a powder highlight lightly dust the highlighted areas until you achieve the glow you want – and the look is complete.

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