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Take Your Lashes from 1D to 5D with Revolution! – Superdrug
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Take Your Lashes from 1D to 5D with Revolution!

Revolution 5D Mascara feature image

Are you ready to take your lashes to a new dimension? Revolution has revealed their BEST EVER mascara, the 5D Extreme Extension Mascara, and you won’t believe its effect on your lashes with just one swipe! Here’s everything you need to know about the latest release from the beauties at Revolution.

1D to 5D in One Swipe

If you dream of fluttering long, luscious lashes daily, then Revolution is here to make your dreams come true! Their 5d Extreme Extension Mascara delivers everything you could possibly want from a mascara, making this an absolute makeup bag must-have.


The new formula has five outstanding benefits, ensuring your lashes go from 1D to 5D in the blink of an eye!

Revolution Revolution 5D Mascara £7.64 Buy Now

1. Length

If your lashes are usually on the shorter side, then this extreme extension formula is the one for you. The mascara features a creamy emulsion which perfectly balances a mixture of ingredients, including plant-derived waxes, to achieve ultimate length.

2. Lift

Take your lashes to all new heights with one swipe, thanks to the inclusion of a gentle on the eyes lifting agent.

3. Defintion

Part of what makes a brilliant mascara is the wand and trust us when we say this wand does not disappoint! Delivering just the right amount of product, the ergonomic wand hugs and coats each lash, without clumping. Hooray to wonderful wands!

4. Stretch

As well as lifting, defining, and lengthening your lashes the 5D formula also stretches your lashes to reveal brighter, bolder, and more awake looking eyes. An essential for any morning makeup routine!

5. Volume

And finally, the game-changing formula offers extra volume to your lashes thanks to the inclusion of one of the beauty world’s most fabulous ingredients - hyaluronic acid! Yes, this wonder ingredient isn’t just a blessing to your complexion, but it can also help rebuild weak lashes to create a look that is simply out of this world!

This Could Be Your Lashes!

Revolution 5d mascara before and after
Revolution 5d mascara before and after

Pick up your Revolution 5D Mascara now online and in select Superdrug stores.

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