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Get Ready to Roar with All Tigers! – Superdrug
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Get Ready to Roar with All Tigers!


Here’s some news to make your whiskers stand on end… Superdrug has just launched a new makeup range and it really is the cat’s miaow…!

Introducing  All Tigers, a new natural and vegan line and the latest cult indie brand that has got Instagram’s beauty community purring with delight! (They even helped pick the shades.) Read on for everything you need to know about this roar-some new range…

First Things First...

The range is a celebration of how women use makeup as a tool of self-expression. Yet the founder was concerned that young women like his daughter were unaware of the toxic and animal-derived ingredients they were putting on their lips every time they used a lipstick. This led him to create the All Tigers range in collaboration with Instagram’s beauty community, after he asked them what they would want from a makeup line – from the formulations themselves to the colours and packaging.

The Result...

A truly fierce range of liquid lipsticks, lip glosses and nail polishes that are devoid of petrol-chemicals, questionable synthetics and animal-derived ingredients (with zero animal testing to boot).

But that’s not all – not only is the brand vegan and cruelty-free, but 1% of sales are donated to the preservation of India’s wild tigers, as part of the 1% FOR THE PLANET initiative – an international network of businesses coming together to donate 1% of their sales to help preserve the environment (including our beautiful tigers who are an endangered species).

So, What To Stock Up On?

All Tigers nail polish
All Tigers Liquid Lipsticks

Liquid Lipsticks

Their liquid lipsticks are definitely worth ensnaring. And just because the ingredients are up to 100% natural origin doesn’t mean there’s no pigment payoff. The colour seriously pops! Delivering a creamy, rich hue in a gorgeous matte finish, this stuff doesn’t budge or dry the lips. From a classic ravishing Red to a pretty Peach and a delicate Pink Beige, there’s a shade for every beauty fan, while the tapered sponge wand ensures the application is spot-on.

Lip Glosses

You’ll also want to get your paws on their lip glosses. Made with more than two thirds natural plant oils, the formulations aren’t sticky or gloopy but have a plant sugar extract, which gives lips a fierce, lacquered finish. Take your pick from the three semi-translucent shades: the red carpet-worthy Glossy Raspberry Red, bright and cherry Glossy Coral and pretty-as-a-picture Glossy Pink.

Nail Varnish

And then there’s the nail polish – 12 shades of rich, intense colour that are vegan and cruelty-free (of course!) and last for ages. Each polish contains up to 82% ingredients of natural origin and is free from toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate. Better yet, they contain special active ingredients that actually care for the nails as well as colouring them a fierce shade! Choose from hues such as delicate Petal Pink, bright White and deep Burgundy Red all with serious pigment payoff to make your talons really stand out.

So why not invest in some statement makeup that won’t just make you look gorgeous but will help preserve our beautiful wild tigers for years to come? How many other lipsticks can do that??

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