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Easy At-Home Tanning With B. – Superdrug
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Easy At-Home Tanning With B.

B, Bronzing by Superdrug range on a pink backgroud

Calling all sun-worshippers! Do you want a beach-worthy tan any time of the year? We’ve got just what you need: introducing the vegan and cruelty-free B. Bronzing range!

The easy to apply, purse friendly, long-lasting, streak-free collection (that’s a lot of pros!) is available at Superdrug and we’re here to show you how to apply it seamlessly in the comfort of your own home!

B. Bronzing model

You Will Need:

Step 1: Remove Any Old Tan

The perfect tan is all in the prep. A patchy, streaky tan will not go with that bikini you’re planning to wear when the sun comes out! The B. Bronzing Tan Eraser Mousse leaves you with a fresh base, and totally removes any stubborn traces of older fake tan - leaving you ready to apply our other B. Bronzing products. Simply apply with a tanning mitt, leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse off with a little body scrub in the shower.

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Step 2: Ensure Skin is Smooth & Clean

To get an even, streak-free tan, preparation is nine tenths of success. Exfoliate thoroughly with a loofah to slough away any dead skin. Next, shave away any stubble so you have the perfect canvas, skipping on body moisturiser as this can create a barrier to your tanning lotion absorbing and developing. One exception to the rule is dry areas like elbows and knees where tan can over-absorb and look too dark compared to the rest of your body, so make sure to add a little moisturiser to these areas.

Step 3: Select & Apply Your B. Bronzing Mousse

Get set for a summer of endless compliments about your tan with our B. Bronzing Mousses. Available in both ‘Bronze’ and ‘Sunkissed’ colours, it’s beyond simple to use and the results are stunning!

The lightweight formulation provides a long-lasting, streak-free, transfer-resistant glow and it boasts a fresh, coconut scent. (No biscuity fake-tan smell here!)

Dispense two to three pumps of mousse onto your B. Bronzing Luxury Velvet Tanning Mitt; fold the mitt so the mouse covers it evenly and apply it in gentle sweeping motions, focusing on one section of your body at a time, up to the neck. Add more mousse to the mitt if necessary, except when it comes to your hands and feet (leave these until last). These will soak up tan more than other areas, so just use whatever residue is left on the mitt and go sparingly, taking care to smooth it well around your ankles and wrists.

Leave on for 4-6 hours depending on how deep you want your tan to develop, and rinse off in the shower.

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Step 4: Add Your Finishing Touches

Now you’re beautifully bronzed, what better way to enhance your tan than with some sparkling shimmer mist? The super-hydrating B. Bronzing Golden Mist is the perfect finishing touch to layer over the top of our B. Bronzing lotions and mousses. After you’ve tanned, waited and showered – simply mist this over your body and get set to sparkle!

Step 5: Don’t Forget Your Face!

When it comes to tanning your face, you need to go easy so you don’t look like you’ve been tangoed! Simply put a few drops of the B. Bronzing Golden Facial Drops into your moisturiser for a tailor-made tan for just your face and neck. A lovely, subtle glow from day one!

There we have it! The B. Bronzing range by Superdrug! Go and get that glow!

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