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Top 10: Perfumes for Women

Womens Top 10 Perfumes feature

Is it time to replace that signature scent you’ve been rockin’ for years? Or are you totally stumped for what to buy a special lady in your life? Well you lucky thing, you’re exactly where you need to be! Our top 10 perfume for women is your go-to guide for all things scent-sational and features the best of the best! Which will be your next perfume purchase?

1. Ghost the fragrance by Ghost

There’s nothing spooky about this iconic scent, in fact we think you’ll welcome it into your life with open arms! It’s soft and delicate combination of dreamy vanilla, rose, amber and musk make it a total dream to wear both day and night.

Ghost Ghost The Fragrance Eau de Toilette Spray 50ml £28.00 Buy Now

2. Rush Ladies by Gucci

It’s luxury. It’s intoxicating. It’s also shaped like a cassette tape…  (if you’re a pre-90s baby… you’ll know what we mean!) Rush, by the Italian powerhouse that is Gucci, has been enticing people with its utterly confident blend of spicy and floral notes since the late 90s and luckily for us - it’s going no where!

Gucci Gucci Rush Ladies Eau de Toilette 50ml £32.00 Buy Now
Daisy by Marc Jacobs for women's top 10 perfume
Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette 50ml £45.00 Buy Now

3. Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how cute this bottle is? Okay… we’re done, now back to the good stuff. Daisy by Marc Jacobs isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but the sparkling, floral-woody fragrance inside ticks all the right boxes too!  It features a summer-lovin’ blend of fruity strawberry, delicate violet and powdery vanilla and musk to create one delicious fragrance!

Issey Miyake Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey Florale Eau de Toilette 50ml £29.00 Buy Now

4. L’eau D’Issey Florale by Issy Miyake

If flowers are your thing, Issey Miyake has got you covered. One step on from his iconic L’eau d’Lissy scent, this floral adaptation is Florale, a confident combination of orange, rose and lily.

Cloud by Ariana Grande

5. Cloud by Ariana Grande

Sweet like chocolate, Ari brings us so much joy! Satisfy your sweet cravings with the gourmand delights of Cloud by pop princess Ariana Grande. Think melted vanilla ice-cream, candy floss and indulgent praline rolled into one ever-so tempting scent that evokes passion, hope (and the want for dessert)!

Ariana Grande Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml £36.00 Buy Now

6. Stories by DKNY

“In New York… concrete jungles where dreams are made of!” Alicia Keys… we hear ya! And apparently so did Donna Karan as DKNY’s Stories is inspired by the endless possibilities offered by The Big Apple.  Every spray is an experience you’ll want to repeat with its blend of sparkling pink guava, fresh jasmine and seductively rich vanilla.

Donna Karan DKNY Stories EDP 100ml £80.00 Buy Now
Stories by DKNY for women's top ten perfumes
Paco Rabanne Paco Rabanne Lady Million Eau de Parfum 50ml £57.50 Buy Now

7. Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

Does it get more striking than Lady Million by Paco Rabanne? Nope! The dazzling bottles is home to an intoxicating, addictive and downright incredible combo of neroli, raspberry, patchouli and delicious honey! As bright and daring as the largest diamond in the world it is inspired by!

Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs Decadence Perfume Eau de Parfum 50ml £55.00 Buy Now

8. Decadence by Marc Jacobs

For when you really can’t justify another handbag … there’s always this season’s must-have accessory - Marc Jacob’s Decadence. This fragrance instantly charms with its Champagne, honeysuckle and liquid amber combo.

Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

9. Angel by Thierry Mugler

Was it sent from heaven to delight our senses? Some would agree! For Mugler’s first foray into fragrance he did a pretty good job and the sweet, gourmand scent has become something of a icon! Red fruits, soft caramel (hmmm…), praline and honey combine to create a mouth-watering scent.

Thierry Mugler Thierry Mugler Angel EDT Spray 25ml £55.00 Buy Now

10. Because it's you by Emporio Armani 

If you and your fella like to be matchy matchy with your scents, then you’ve found the perfect pairing with Armani’s ‘It’s you’ duo. The female fragrance, which has bursts of raspberry and neroli, was created side by side with the male fragrance ‘Stronger with you’ as a symbol of Giorgio Armani’s personal love story. Cute!


Armani Emporio Armani Stronger with You Intense Eau de Parfum 100ml £75.00 Buy Now
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Best Summer Feet Treatments

Summer feet treatments

Sandal season has arrived – this is not a drill! It’s time to kick aside those boots you’ve been living in and look hot to trot in a pair of strappy flats, embellished espadrilles or gorgeous heels.

But, if your feet are not quite ready for the big reveal, fear not. We have sought out the best products that will help you feel fabulous from the ground up, ahead of the annual holiday escape. Get set to reach pedicure-perfect status without having to leave the house with these summer feet treatments catered for a host of concerns.

Summer feet treatments

The Foot Concern: Dry Skin

A process familiar with fake tan enthusiasts, exfoliating helps get rid of dry skin. While your standard body exfoliator can help smooth skin from top to toe, there are a handful of targeted feet treatments that will help produce unparalleled softness.

Cue Footner’s exfoliating socks. This hard-working product boasts results with every use. Simply slip into the disposable socks, put your feet up for an hour and remove. Over the course of the next week all the hardened skin on your feet will begin to peel helping to leave behind super soft feet with the strut factor. However, the process can take up to 14 days for feet to stop peeling so make sure you do this at least two weeks before your holiday!

If you’re looking for products you can use pre-holiday and beyond then opting for a nourishing foot scrub, pumice stone and buffing brush will help soften the skin with every use.

The Foot Concern: Cracked Heel

Unsightly cracked heels are caused by the skin drying out, becoming callus and then ultimately splitting. What a pretty picture. This foot concern can also worsen when your trusty flip-flops and open-back sandals make an appearance as the lack of support puts extra pressure on dry skin.

Summer feet treatments 2

Whether you’ve noticed a dry patch and want to help prevent a cracked heel situation or already have heels with more cracks than the Sahara desert, targeted moisturising creams are the beauty buster you need. A weekly process of exfoliating, buffing (with a pumice stone) and moisturising will help minimise the cracked appearance until the dry skin softens completely.

The Foot Concern: Calluses

Calluses are created in places that experience repeated friction – as any avid musician will know. So it’s not uncommon to develop calluses on the feet, especially if you live in stilettos.

Using targeted treatments for calluses, from lotions to removers, will help ease the appearance and remove the rough callus area over time. As calluses are as uncomfortable as they are unattractive, between treatments invest in cushioned pads to ease the discomfort on-the-go.

If you are diabetic always consult with a pharmacist or GP before using products on your feet.

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What is Retinol?

Woman staring in mirror after using retinol skincare products

Those in the beauty biz (think dermatologists, editors, vloggers) have been raving about retinol for years. Scratch that, decades! But let’s be honest, sometimes all the jargon can be a little bit over our heads. We’ve sorted through the facts and the stats and have translated all the industry lingo so that your skincare regime can start reaping the benefits of this wonder ingredient. You can thank us later!    

Woman staring in mirror after using retinol skincare products

It may hide behind a scary, science-y name but to put it simply, retinol is a form of Vitamin A. Not so scary now, right? Retinol is an ingredient that is used in skincare products (serums, creams) because of its super power ability to speed up skin cell renewal and enhance collagen production.

Why use Retinol?

So you’ve heard the hype and want to know why beauty bloggers, facialists and your bff’s-cousins-stepsister swears by it?

Well, it’s an anti-ageing hero that can significantly improve the appearance of fine lines, sun damage, dark spots and wrinkles. Not only is it said to reverse the signs of ageing after daily use, but it can also act as a preventive measure too.

Studies have shown that using an over-the-counter product with 0.1% retinol (for prolonged, regular use) showed significant improvement to wrinkles, with visible results as early as one month.

How does it Work? 

Here comes the science lesson. When retinol is applied to the skin it is absorbed, broken down and transformed into retinoic acid. This compound can then impact cell structure (stimulate collagen/cell renewal process).

This conversion process doesn’t happen immediately when you use a skincare product containing retinol, it can sometimes take several applications before it then changes into retinoic acid. For faster, more immediate results you can turn to retinoids, but these are only available on a prescription basis.

Where Can I Find Retinol Products? 

There are many serums and creams that are available to buy in-store and online that feature this wonder ingredient. To figure out which skincare product features retinol always check the labels.  

OK, so what’s the catch?

Retinol may seem like it ticks every one of your boxes but it does come with fair warning. As retinol is quite a potent ingredient, when overused it could cause dryness and irritation. It can also potentially increase the skin's sensitivity to sunlight, so always finish your routine with an SPF-packed product to counteract this.

And if you have sensitive skin, approach the ingredient with caution. Skincare products can vary between 0.1% retinol up to 1%, so always check the label before use and seek advice if you’re a retinol newbie.

The best way to introduce retinol into your skincare regime is to start with a low concentration until you build up your tolerance bit-by-bit. If you experience any redness or peeling from a higher dose then limit your retinol usage or lower the concentration.

Not sure whether retinol is for you? Try these alternative anti-ageing formulas:

Packed with active ingredients (such as Matrixyl Synthe6®) these products have been formulated to mimic the anti-ageing effects retinol has on the skin.  

Now you’ve got retinol down, here’s everything you need to know about hyaluronic acid…  

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How to get a Dewy Summer Glow

Summer Glow feature image

Summer and sun-kissed skin go hand-in-hand. But, often that natural, healthy glow needs a little helping along. A little sculpting here, a little dusting of shimmer there. Yes, it’s time to fake it ‘til you make it. Achieve a dewy, summer glow without having to spend any time soaking up the rays with our step-by-step tutorial. Hello, golden goddess!

How can I achieve a Dewy Summer Glow?

  • Illuminator
  • Foundation brush
  • Oval brush
  • Matt bronzer
  • Shimmer bronzer

Step 1 – Mix foundation with illuminator

Dewy summer glow step 1

Take your everyday foundation and add a few drops of illuminator to the formula. You can do this in a palette or on the back of your hand. Mix with a foundation brush before applying as normal.   

Step 2 – Apply blusher all over the face

Dewy summer glow step 2

Using a blusher brush, apply a matt bronzer all over the face following the natural contours of the face.

Step 3 – Apply shimmer bronzer

Dewy summer glow step 3

Taking a layered shimmer bronzer, apply to the hollows of the cheeks to add subtle definition.

Top Tip: Use an oval brush to do this as opposed to a traditional blusher brush to pack in as much pigment and shine on application. It’s also better at blending colour for a more natural finish.

Step 4 – Finish with highlighter

Dewy summer glow step 4

Targeting the highest points of your face, apply a highlighter with your fingertips. Use under brow arches, above cheekbones, centre of the forehead, down the nose, chin, and on the Cupid’s bow. Finish with a little dab of highlighter in the corner of the eyes for a more wide-eyed look. 

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How to: Summer Neon Makeup

Neon makeup feature

If you live by the beauty rule ‘go bold or go home’ then we’ve got just the trick to get you noticed this summer. One word – neon. A category of hue that makes everyone stop and stare, this look is for the experimental extroverts among us. Hot step it to statement style with our neon makeup tutorial:

Step 1 – Apply eye primer

Neon makeup step 1

To ensure your bold look stays put, start by applying an eye primer. Dab along your eyelid and blend with your ring finger.

Step 2 – Use neon yellow eye shadow

Neon makeup step 2

Take neon yellow eye shadow and brush and proceed to apply to the lid. Using a dabbing technique will ensure even, buildable application that’ll press against the primer for longer-lasting results. Apply up until the crease and repeat on your other eye.

Step 3 – Use neon pink eye shadow along the crease

Neon makeup step 3

Using the same eye shadow brush, transfer to a neon pink hue. Apply to the crease of the eye. Avoid blending the colour as a striking contrast is the desired end result. Do the same on your other eye.

Step 4 – Apply blue eye shadow to the inner corner

Neon makeup step 4

Take an angled brush and dip in water, this will give your applied colour extra vibrancy and hold. Dab on a cobalt blue eye shadow and apply to the inner corners of the eye. Also apply along the lower lash line, focusing on the corner. Do the same technique on the other eye until you are happy with a symmetrical finish.

Step 5 – Draw white eyeliner along the waterline

Neon makeup step 5

Taking white eyeliner, draw along the waterline – this will exaggerate the neon effect. Do the same on the other eye.

Step 6 – Apply mascara to lashes to add definition

Neon makeup step 6

Coat your lashes with mascara for added drama.

Top tip: Use the end of the mascara wand to coat the bottom lashes.

Step 7 – Use lip gloss & shimmer

Neon makeup step 7

Coat your lips in gloss. Take a silver shimmer-effect eye shadow and pat the colour into the gloss.

Hey presto - all done!

Neon makeup step 8

With a look this 'wow' we'd be winking too!

What Do I Need to Create the Halo Braid Look

  • Detangler brush
  • Clear elastic band
  • Hair grips
  • Hairspray
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How to: Polka dot nail art

Polka dot nail art

Thought that your nail art skill was on par with a ‘Pinterest fails’ gallery? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. But, every beginner has to start somewhere and practice really does make perfect. So if you’re looking for a novice-level design before you try a more ambitious look, then polka dot nail art is a great starting point. And it looks fabulous too!

Look 1: Stand-out ring finger

Step 1 – Begin with the base

File down your nails until they are all similar in shape and length. Then coat your nail with a base colour. We’ve gone for white as we want a striking monochrome finish but feel free to experiment! Apply two coats and leave to dry.  

Polka dot nail art 1

Step 2 – Go dotty

Dip a nail art/cuticle stick in black nail polish. To double check you’ve got the right amount of polish to create the perfect dot do a couple of tests on a piece of paper. Once you’re happy, create dots all over the nail.

Polka dot nail art 2

Step 3 – Top coat

After the dots have dried, finish with a glossy top coat to seal your design for longer. We’ve gone for a single dotty nail look, but you can alternate dots and colours or go dotty all over. 

Polka dot nail art 3

Step 4 – Create a contrast

To make your polka dot ring finger really stand out, then opt for bright block colours on the rest of the nails. Or add a little glitz and glamour with glitter-specked polishes. 

Polka dot nail art

Look 2: Jigsaw dots

Step 1 – All about that base

Start with the perfect blank canvas by filing and buffing your nails. Next, apply two coats of white nail polish. 

Gif apply white nail polish

Step 2 – Create a contrast

Using black nail polish draw a diagonal line across the corner of the nail. Build up the colour until you have a block finish.

Gif applying black nail polish in a diagonal line

Step 3 – Add dots

Now for the playful factor, it's time to go dotty! Along your diagonal line, create three dots. To create them, dip a nail art stick/toothpick into black polish and use it to make blobs. Then, spread the polish evenly. 

Gift 3 polka dots added to nail art

Step 4 – Add white dots

Once the first set of dots are dry, create more contrasting dots that sit in the empty space along the line. As you're using a different colour we recommend using new/clean tools to avoid any colour mixing. 

Gift 3 polka dots added to nail art

Step 5 – Finishing touch

Once you're confident your design is dry add a glossy top coat to seal your nail art. 

gift adding top coat to polka dot nail art

Step 6 – Repeat to complete

Repeat steps 1-5 on all your nails for a striking monochrome polka dot look. 

Jigsaw polka dot nail art design
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How to: Boho Festival Nails

Boho Festival Nails

Every year when festival fever hits, out goes the monochrome wardrobe and in comes the flower power aesthetic. Follow our hippie chic boho nails tutorial to channel the trend from your talons to your daisy crown.

Boho Festival Nails

What Will I Need to Achieve Boho Festival Nails?

  • Base coat
  • Nude nail polish
  • Thin brush nail polish to draw the white lines
  • Top coat

Step 1 – Apply a Base Coat

Boho Festival Nails Step 1

Begin with a clear base coat. This will ensure your nail colour applies evenly, maximise longevity, and will protect your natural nail bed.

Step 2 – Apply Nude Nail Polish

Boho Festival Nails Step 2

Next apply a boho-inspired colour to your nails. Going for a neutral hue works best here, like a pastel nude or a latte brown.  

Step 3 – Draw the First Chevron

Boho Festival Nails Step 3

Using a thin brush nail polish, create the first chevron by marking two diagonal lines. Going for a juxtaposing colour will create more of a striking finish, we recommend a crisp white.

Step 4 – Draw the Second Chevron

Boho Festival Nails Step 4

Above the first chevron, create another. Using the side of the thin brush works best here as it will ensure a super straight line. If you do not have a nail art polish to hand then you can use a lip brush with a white polish for an extra thin line.

Step 5 – Finish with Asymmetric Tips

Boho Festival Nails Step 5

Finish the design with a couple of asymmetric straight lines.  

Step 6 – Apply a clear Top Coat

Boho Festival Nails Step 6

Seal your boho chic talons with a glossy, clear top coat. This will prevent dreaded chips and will preserve the design for longer.

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Christmas Party Makeup Ideas

Christmas Party eye makeup feature

Sequined dress purchased. Sparkle eyeshadow at the ready. Sass mode activated. The season of celebrating has arrived! Whether you’ve got an office soirée or a girl gang night out pencilled in, make sure you stand out from the crowds of tinsel ponytails and novelty jumpers. How? With our Christmas party makeup ideas, of course.

Festive Eye Makeup

Smokey Gold Eyeshadow

Smokey Glitter Cat Eye

Pretty Party Makeup

Trend Alert: Mauve Makeup

The Finishing Touches

Your makeup may be all sorted, but remember the devil is in the detail. Finish off your festive look with these super easy nail art and hair how tos... 

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Christmas Red Nail Polish Ideas

Santa red nail polish

We have many traditions this time of year, from donning novelty Christmas jumpers to hanging mistletoe atop a doorway in the hope of scoring a little festive romance. While we appreciate the nostalgia, we also love to tear up the rule book too. So instead of painting our talons with a classic red, we’ve taken it one step further with these striking nail polish ideas…

Santa Nails

Give your red mani a playful twist with the addition of Saint Nick!

Santa red nail polish

What Will I Need to Create this Nail Art Design?

  • Nail file
  • Transparent base coat
  • Red nail polish
  • Black nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Cuticle sticks/nail art stick
  • Top coat

Studio London

Superdrug Studio 7 Way Buffer


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Rimmel Nail Polish 60 Second White Hot Love 8ml


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Superdrug Wooden Cuticle Sticks Pack of 10


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Step 1 – Shape nails & add tape

Prep your talons by filing them into your favourite shape. Once you’re happy with the size, add a strip of tape halfway down the nail bed.


Step 2 – Coat with red nail polish

Take your red nail polish and apply two coats to the exposed part of the nail bed. Don’t worry about going over the tape, as this is in place to ensure you get a straight line every time.


Step 3 – Remove the tape

Once the red nail polish is dry, remove the tape slowly. You can peel this back or use tweezers to do this, for extra precision.


Step 4 – Add the beard

Dip a cuticle stick/nail art stick into white nail polish and draw on the outline of the beard. Try to create defined scalloped edges for a more playful touch.


Step 5 – Complete the face

Take a clean cuticle stick/nail art stick and create Santa’s eyes by drawing on dots in black nail polish. Use the red to dot on his nose.


Step 6 – Seal with a top coat

Finish the design with a layer of transparent top coat, to preserve the nail art design for longer.

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How to: Sparkly Christmas Nails

Sparkly Christmas Nails

Embracing the festive season needn’t stop at enjoying cups of frothy hot chocolate, wearing sequin-adorned dresses, and hanging up beautiful baubles. Focus on the finer details and get your talons as decked out as your fir tree with the help of our sparkly Christmas nails tutorial.

Sparkly Christmas Nails

What Will I Need to Create the Festive Nail Art Look?

  • White nail polish
  • Silver glitter polish
  • Metallic silver polish
  • Cuticle stick/nail art stick
  • Transparent top coat


Superdrug 2in1 One Top Coat with Nail Hardener


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Barry M

Barry M Nail Paint Diamond Glitter


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Rimmel Nail Polish 60 Second White Hot Love 8ml


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Barry M

Barry M Molten Metals Nail Polish - Silver Lining


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Sparkly Christmas Nails: Design 1, Glitter

Combine these two different nail art designs to create a unique look. We’ve gone for a metallic nail on the index finger only but you can alternate designs on each nail for a more stand-out finish.

Step 1 – File & apply white base

Shape and buff nails until they are all similar. Then apply two coats of while polish until the base looks block colour – never streaky!

Sparkly Christmas Nails Step 1a

Step 2 – Glitter it up

Once your base coat is dry, take a glitter-specked nail polish and apply a coat of glitter. Build up the coverage until you get enough sparkle to dazzle at first sight. Finish with a clear top coat to prevent chipping and add a glossy touch.  

Sparkly Christmas Nails Step 2a

Sparkly Christmas Nails: Design 2, Metallic 

Step 1 – White base

As before, start with a block colour white base. Ensure you have a streak-free finish as the white will be showing more clearly with this design.

Sparkly Christmas Nails Step 2a

Step 2 – Add metallic stripes

Dip a cuticle stick in silver metallic polish and draw four horizontal lines across the nail. Go freehand if you have a steady control over the stick or use nail stencils for a little guidance. Once your nail art is dry, finish with a clear top coat.

Sparkly Christmas Nails Step 2b

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