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What Is Hair Growth Shampoo? – Superdrug
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What Is Hair Growth Shampoo?

Woman with flowing blonde hair from side profile

During our lives, some of us will experience hair loss or thinning. Male, female, young or old - it can happen to any of us! While it can be distressing, the good news is that it’s often temporary and there are plenty of products out there to help promote hair growth. So sit down, relax and let us tell you everything you need to know about hair growth shampoos and treatments.

Woman with flowing blonde hair from side profile

What Causes Hair Loss And Thinning?

First thing’s first, there are a number of reasons why people experience hair loss and thinning, from poor diet and nutritional deficiencies (such as lack of iron and vitamin D) to emotional stress and genetic pre-disposition. Even hormonal changes and pregnancy can trigger hair loss is some women. Who knew?

If you’re losing your hair or it’s noticeably thinner, it’s worth finding out if there’s a medical cause first, so consider booking an appointment with your GP or speaking to your Superdrug pharmacist.

What Products Should I Use?

It’s important to remember that while hair growth shampoos won’t reverse hair loss or thinning, they can certainly slow down the process and enhance volume.

Start by replacing your regular shampoo with products that are specifically formulated to treat hair loss or thinning. You could also try caffeine shampoo, which stimulates hair at the roots for an energising boost. Finish with a hair growth conditioner for an extra soft finish!

Hair Loss Treatments

Why not give your hair a helping hand with a hair loss treatment? These leave-in products are usually applied directly onto the scalp to strengthen and nourish hair from the roots.

Top Tips To Manage Hair Loss

  • Make sure you eat a well-balanced diet and get plenty of exercise.
  • Take a daily multivitamin to boost your immune system. Discover which vitamins are great for your hair.  
  • Don’t over-wash your hair – this can lead to an increase in oils and decrease hair’s natural volume.
  • Try to relax. Practice Yoga, meditation or have regular baths to cope with stress.
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