A pretty red head female with fair skin, orange eye shadow and her ears pierced

Getting your ears pierced is an easy way to add a touch of glam or sparkle to any look. If you are looking to get your first ear piercing, or add to any you already have, then Beauty Studio is the place for you!

Read on to find out which piercings you can get and what to expect when you come in and see our fabulous team.

Ear piercing at Beauty Studio

At Beauty Studio, we offer piercings on both the lobes and upper outer cartilage area. We use a unique, hand-pressure device for the piercing - which is incredibly safe and gentle.


Lobe piercings

Getting your lobes pierced is one of the most popular body piercings available and due to the small amount of discomfort experienced during the process, it is a good piercing to go for if it is your first. At Beauty Studio, its not just the first lobe piercing we offer, you can come in and get your second or third position pierced too.

There are lots of benefits to getting your lobes pierced, from the low-pain level to straightforward aftercare instructions which should ensure your piercing heals in 6-8 weeks. Once it is healed you can then change the stud for an array of beautiful jewellery and earring designs.

Upper Cartilage

As well as the lobes, we also pierce the upper part of the cartilage, which is one of the slightly harder areas of your ear. The most common piercing here is at the top of the upper ear and is also known as the ‘helix’. We can also pierce under this point and down the ear.  When you come in for your piercing, our fully trained piercer will mark your ear before piercing, so you are completely happy with the position.

Cartilage piercings can be prone to a little swelling and can take around 8-12 weeks to heal. As with any piercing, you must take very good care of your new piercing and jewellery and allow it to heal completely before removing or changing the earring.  Once it has healed, you can change it to something like a barbell or ring to change up your look.



When you get your ears pierced at Beauty Studio, you will receive a FREE bottle of Aftercare Solution, this would normally be priced at £4. This solution is vegan and cruelty-free, non-irritating and will soothe and effectively clean your skin post piercing.

However, if you wanted to upgrade, you can purchase our Advanced Aftercare Solution at £8 which offers all the benefits from above as well accelerating the healing period (lobes from 6 to 3 weeks and cartilage from 12 to 8 weeks). As well as helping you save time on your aftercare procedure you can enjoy other benefits such as minimised inflammation, protected pores around the piercing and additional protection against bacteria!

First timer? Here’s what to expect

You may feel both nerves and excitement when you go and get your first piercing, which is completely normal! Before heading off for your appointment, make sure you’ve had something to eat and you arrive a few minutes early.

When you arrive at Beauty Studio, you’ll be able to take a look at our range of jewellery on offer and of course, our lovely Beauty Studio team will be on hand to help you choose and answer any questions you may have.

One of the most asked questions is, ‘does getting a piercing hurt?’ Well, everyone is different when it comes to levels of pain, but you may experience a very small amount of discomfort. The actual piercing process is very quick, and once the jewellery is in your ear, any initial pain should subside.

The piercing process is completely sterile, quick and efficient. Once it is complete, you will be given full instructions on how best to care for your new piercing.


For more information, including details on our piercing device and what will happen at your appointment, you can read our Complete Guide to Getting Pierced at Beauty Studio or visit our site below to find your nearest Beauty Studio.