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Between 01/11/19 and 20/01/19, Superdrug sent out Own Brand products to Bazaarvoice, Superdrug’s consumer generated content partner.

The products were sent to 1458 reviewers as part of Bazaarvoice TryIt Sampling community, free of charge. The reviewers were asked to score the products out of 5 and leave a review.

1458 reviews were received from the review drive and the average rating of the total reviews was 4.4 stars.

The products sent out for review are as follows:

  • CBD moisturiser
  • Naturally Radiant Glycolic tonic
  • Rosehip and Cactus Shampoo
  • Bathing lab blossom bodywash
  • Artiscent Cedar Blanc EDP
  • Slenderplan Shakes
  • B. Waterproof mascara
  • B. Perfect Base prep oil
  • Layering Lab Blossom bath fizzer
  • Bloom Bath soak
  • Me+ Hyaluronic Acid booster
  • Artiscent Patchouli EDP
  • Vitamin C Booster Serum
  • Slenderplan Bars
  • Optimum Retinol Serum
  • Vitamin C facial spritz
  • B. cream blushes

Additional products, that were featured in the campaign creative, were selected by Bazaarvoice from but were not part of the Tryit review drive and were therefore not sent to reviewers.

The reviews on the additional products were taken from historical data generated between 21/09/2015 and 19/11/2019 and from our own customer reviews on

The additional products are as follows:

  • 1. Tea tree & Peppermint foot socks
  • Hair Gummies Strawberry
  • Oat and Coconut body cream
  • Solait Bronzing Mousse
  • Pro-care Black Electric Toothpaste
  • B. Antibacterial brush cleaner
  • B. lengthening Mascara
  • Charcoal Toothpaste

These Terms & Conditions were last updated in February 2020.