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Vitamin E

There’s no denying having a healthy and balanced diet helps you to incorporate more nutrients and vitamins into your diet which can benefit overall health, mood and skin.

One which provides great benefits for the latter is vitamin E. You can include this vitamin into your lifestyle through tablets and supplements and through food sources. However, it has also been found to improve overall skin health when applied externally, helping to reduce premature ageing signs like fine lines and wrinkles as well as offering long lasting hydration for skin and protecting against UV damage. Here at Superdrug, we believe in the properties of vitamin E for skin so much, we made a skincare line dedicated to its ability to enhance skin texture and health. All of our Vitamin E skincare products are enriched with naturally sourced vitamin e, rich in antioxidants which helps to shield skin from environmental damage and premature skin ageing by combating the harmful effects of free radicals. Some of our most popular products are our Vitamin E Serum and Vitamin E Oil. Both these offer intensely rich moisturisation for skin, leaving it feeling plump, hydrated and full, helping you feel youthful and rejuvenated. Apply Vitamin E Oil to the face, body or hair for soft, enriched skin. You can also check out our Vitamin E creams which are also suitable for leaving skin feeling supple and smooth.

Vitamin E

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