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Nail Polish Remover

To nail the perfect at home manicure you need to start with a fresh slate and lay the right foundations. The first step before any mani or pedi is to make sure your nails are clean and there is no old nail polish left over from your previous manicure. Use either polish remover or pre-soaked nail polish remover pads, which takes the fuss out of soaking cotton pads and takes away the risk of spillages. With your moistened pad, simply apply a small amount of pressure to you nails with a little rubbing motion to easily remove nail varnish. If you’re after an effective nail polish remover which removes all signs of polish and colour, and eliminates the chances of the dreaded stained fingers (which, btw, is never a good look), an acetone polish remover is your best bet, however these can sometimes be quite drying on your skin and nails. If this is a concern of yours then we would suggest using an alcohol and acetone free nail polish remover, however many of our nail paint removers are enriched with essential nutrients, such as vitamin B5 to leave nails feeling hydrated and nourished, so you can have healthy looking nails and cuticles, whatever remover you’re using.

Use nail varnish removers with cotton pads and to complete your nail care routine, try our collection of nail tools and accessories for a complete at home manicure experience.

For techniques on how to remove gel nails and gel polish see our gel nail removers.

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