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Light Brown Hair Dye

So, you have decided to become a brunette babe by opting for a light brown hair dye. Welcome to the oh-so-gorgeous life as a brown-haired beauty! At Superdrug, you will find an array of permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes in a range of beautiful brown shades,

from auburn hues and light ash brown hair dyes to classic caramel and light golden-brown hair dye too. And with the likes of Garnier, Casting Crème, Nice & Easy and our very own Superdrug Colour Performance collection to choose from you know you’re in safe hands! If you’re new to colouring at home, or you don’t fancy taking the plunge with complete colour change, then why not try out our semi-permanent light brown hair dye first? The beautiful shades will help enhance your natural hair colour and blend away any grey hairs, all while leaving your hair feeling nourished with extra shine! If light brown isn’t for you, your semi-permanent hair dye will be gone after a number of washes! If you are all about the total transformation and are opting for a permanent light brown hair dye, you’ll be pleased to know many of our formulas are enriched with nourishing and repairing ingredients. So, you’re not just switching up your colour, but your hair is being treated to some TLC at the same time! Remember when dying your hair at home, always read the instructions first and perform a strand test, just to be sure! Wear something old, too, you don’t want to splash hair dye on your favourite T-shirt or pair of jeans! If you have longer hair, ensure you have enough dye, perhaps you’ll have to pick up two boxes? And while deciding on your light brown hue, check the shade ranges on the box so you can find the best matching shade of your current colour.

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