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Do you often find yourself feeling tired, even without over exerting yourself or after getting a full 8 hours of sleep? We all need a little boost every now and then but when you’re often feeling tired despite being fully rested there could be other issue behind this.

Why am I always tired?
Tiredness is commonly caused by lack of sleep, exhaustion and a busy lifestyle, however there are other things that can affect this too. These could be anything from stress, exercise, caffeine, alcohol, as well as poor diet. You may also experience tiredness through pregnancy, if you’re anaemic, overweight or have an underactive thyroid.

Controlling your consumption of energy drinks and caffeine before bed can help you to get an earlier night’s sleep, as well as controlling your alcohol consumption which will help you to get a more restful nights sleep. If you have a poor diet, this can result in a lack of mineral and nutrients which can be a major factor in fatigue and tiredness.

Vitamins for energy
When you are suffering with a lack of energy as a result of a poor diet, vitamins are a great way of including vital nutrients into your diet. Vitamins for tiredness and energy supplements that are good at giving you a boost are:

Vitamin b – an essential vitamin in aiding the body to be able to metabolise nutrients and to produce energy. Some of the most important ones are B12 and B1.

Iron – lack of iron can cause anaemia which has symptoms of feeling tired and lack of energy. Make sure you maintain good levels of iron through food and iron tablets.

Coenzyme q10 – CoQ10 has been shown to have many health benefits, with its primary function being to help generate energy from cells. Take this to make the most of the energy you have stored in your body.

Glucose tablets – Suitable for people with diabetes, glucose tablets are chewable sugar tabs which increase blood sugar levels and give a boost of energy.

Dextrose tablets – Similarly to glucose tabs, dextrose tablets dissolve in the mouth and increase blood sugar levels for those with diabetes. They can be taken outside of diabetes however they have been created for this purpose. Dextrose is a sugar.

Vitamin c – helps the body to absorb iron, which helps to increase energy levels

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