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Protein Bars

Do you want a pre-workout protein fix with a protein bar which not only packs a protein punch, but also tastes delicious too? Protein bars have earnt themselves a bad rap for typically not being great in texture or taste, but with new innovations and flavours that are being developed, we have a range of bars and snacks which will help to boost your gym gains and to reach your gym goals.

Protein bars are the ultimate convenient method of upping protein in your diet in a satisfying way. Whether it’s before training, between meals, or a post-workout refuel, these bars provide a boost of protein when you need it most. Plus, they’re perfect for satisfying that sweet tooth, without derailing all your hard work in the gym.

Are protein bars good for you? Protein bars can be beneficial when you’re trying to incorporate more protein into your diet and when you need a convenient portable way of doing this in busy day-to-day life. You can also gain protein from non-processed foods which are rich in protein, such as meat, eggs, dairy and nuts.

Are protein bars good for weight loss? Protein keeps you feeling fuller for longer. For that reason, protein bars are good for aiding weight loss as they can curb your cravings and cut your chances of snacking unnecessarily. If you’re taking protein bars as part of a balanced diet with the goal to lose weight, you can shop our range of low carb protein bars as well as low calorie protein bars which leave you feeling fuller as well as being nutritionally good for you. For high protein and low carb bars, shop our range of Grenade protein bars.

When should you eat protein bars?
It is recommended you consume protein up to 2 hours after a workout and you can also benefit from taking it up to 1-hour pre-workout too, depending on your workout goals. For protein bar consumption for weight loss, you may want to take a protein bar mid-morning or late afternoon to satiate your hunger and to boost your energy levels.

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