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Protein Supplements

Whatever your gym goals, whether that be to bulk up or to trim down, protein can play a big part in helping you to achieve these goals. To incorporate more protein into your diet though can be challenging and costly, but with protein supplements like protein powders and ready-made shakes, as well as powerful protein bars that are small in size but pack a powerful protein punch; you can incorporate protein into your lifestyle easily, on the go, and in a tasty way.

Many people are now choosing to live a vegan lifestyle, cutting back on their intake of animal products in all walks of life for environmental reasons as well as ethical. Whatever your choice for going vegan and still wanting to up your protein intake, without scrimping on your protein quality, check out our range of vegan protein which has just as good nutritional content and value as our non-vegan options and still taste great too.

If you’re not fussed about our vegan protein powder options though, we still have a great range of regular protein shakes that are ready made as well as powders coming in a whole selection of different flavours which deliver a quick protein fix. Use as part of a meal replacement shake diet to help you slim down or as part of a gym training regime to help you beef up.

Are protIf shakes aren’t the one for you though, we still have other methods of grabbing your protein requirements. Coming in the perfect snack size, our protein bars are another great on the go protein boost, perfect for popping in your pocket or handbag which you can then enjoy pre or post-workout. Select the bar which is perfect for you with our huge range of bars coming in different tasty flavours. If you haven’t tested out our Grenade protein bars already, give them a try with their range of fun and innovative flavours.

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