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In today’s day and age, we all know the dangers of smoking, but despite constant health warnings last year (2019) it was reported that nearly 7million UK adults still light up every day.

Ask any smoker, giving it up isn’t as simple as clicking their fingers and they never want to smoke again! There is a highly addictive substance in tobacco called nicotine, and it is easy for smokers to become dependant on it. Nicotine can affect a person’s mood, emotions and behaviour and when you withdraw from it, it can be a difficult path for lots of people.

However, despite the difficulties of quitting the health benefits that await you if you quit are seamlessly endless. Think better overall health and less risk of long-term, potentially fatal, diseases, improved breathing, heightened sex drive, better chances of conceiving, lower blood pressure, improved oral health, and not to mention you’ll save money and no longer smell of stale smoke!

So, if you’re ready to kick the habit let us help you on your way! Check out our top tips to help you quit smoking.

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1. Do it For a Reason

Smoking is highly addictive, so you must really want to succeed to quit for good. As you start your journey, remind yourself why you are doing it. People quit smoking every day for lots of reasons, it could be to improve your own health or those around you. Many people choose to quit to set a good example to their kids or family, or you may just want to get to the top of a flight of stairs without being out of breath! Make a list of reasons why you are quitting and remind yourself of them when things are feeling tough.

2. Take Care of Yourself

In the first week or so after giving up, your body will be expelling toxins and will be withdrawing from nicotine. This process can send you on a bit of a rollercoaster, but you’ll need to ride it out! During this process, ensure you are eating 3 complete meals a day; when giving up smoking you may be looking for something to keep your hands busy, which can lead to snacking! Instead, choose high-quality foods which will give you the fuel your body will need. Also, drink plenty of water; staying hydrated will help you feel better and assist in flushing toxins out of your body. Lastly, go for walks or pick up the pace with exercise. Exercise releases feel-good hormones and trust us - you will want an extra batch of those in the early days of giving up!

3. Identify Your Stress Triggers

A lot of people turn to smoking when they are feeling overly stressed. To help you become smoke-free, try and identify the moment you are most stressed and attempt to remove these situations from your life. Instead of reaching for your pack of cigs, call a friend, go for a walk, make a coffee or pick up a book.

4. Try Non-Smoking Aids

Whether you’re giving up smoking completely or cutting back with the aim of stopping in the future, then you don’t have to go cold turkey to reach your goals. Nicotine replacement products and non-smoking aids are available to help you.

Gums, Lozenges, Sprays, and Patches

To help you overcome the urge to light up, there is nicotine gum. Whenever the cravings come calling, pop a piece of gum into your mouth and it will release a small amount of nicotine in your system for fast, effective relief.  Nicotine lozenges work in a very similar way, helping you cut down and reduce your dependency on nicotine and for instant relief inhalators and mouth sprays could be your ticket to stopping for good.

If you’re looking for a non-smoking aid that supports you throughout the day, not just when cravings strike, then you could benefit from patches. Worn on the skin, the patches slowly release a dose of nicotine to help you control your urges. They come in different strengths, depending on how many you smoke a day, so always read the label and instructions carefully to ensure you are wearing the right patch.

Trouble deciding the right product for you? Try our 'Quit Smoking Product' tool to help you on the way.

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5. Think of The Money You Could Save

Smoking is an expensive habit! Have you ever thought about how much money you could save by giving up the cigs for good?

Take a look at our 'Smoke-Free Cost-Saving Calculator' and find out just how much money you could save! It's quite an eye-opener!

Remember, don’t be hard on yourself! Reward yourself along the way when you reach milestones (it could be after a day, a week or a month!) and don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are support groups available to help you live your best smoke-free life.