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Calling all blushing brides to be! You may be 4 weeks deep into the seating chart and have to-do lists coming out of your ears, but take a minute to stop and think. What is the one word you want to embody on your big day? If you’re thinking 'flawlessly fabulous' and 'drop-dead gorgeous' – we have the ultimate glamorous bridal makeup look for you. 

And the best part is,  our tutorial is easy to do yourself or feel free to rope one of your bffs into helping you out (that's what bridesmaids are for!). 

What Will I Need to Achieve the Glamorous Bridal Makeup Look?

  • Eye primer
  • Nude/brown eyeshadow palette
  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Rose gold metallic, cream effect eyeshadow
  • False eyelashes
  • Black felt eyeliner pen
  • Waterproof mascara
  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Foundation brush
  • Contouring crayon
  • Highlighter crayon
  • Blending sponge (optional)
  • Translucent powder
  • Eyebrow pencil/powder
  • Berry lip liner
  • Berry lipstick
  • Setting spray
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    Step 1 – Apply primer & eyeshadow

    Glamorous bridal makeup step 1

    When it comes to wedding day makeup, it’s all about the staying power. So the first thing to bring out of the beauty bag is primer. Starting with the eyes, apply a targeted primer and blend it out with a brush or by dabbing gently with your ring finger – this will ensure you reach all the creases.

    Next take a nude eyeshadow and apply all over the lids and up until the crease, this will act as the base to your look. Then choose a dark brown/burgundy eyeshadow and apply with a brush over the eyelid crease to help define the shape of the eyes.

    Step 2 – Apply rose gold eyeshadow

    Glamorous bridal makeup step 2

    Put down the eyeshadow palette and switch to a rose gold, metallic cream effect eyeshadow. In the areas that are not coated in the dark brown outline (ie, below the crease, closer to the eyelash line) apply the metallic colour.

    Once applied on both eyes, return to the dark brown/burgundy eyeshadow and lightly go over the crease line to add definition between the two hues.

    Step 3 – Coat false lashes in glue & apply

    Glamorous bridal makeup step 3

    Wedding day makeup is all about drama that will photograph well, so false lashes are a popular choice. To ensure minimal mishaps, coat the lashes in glue before applying. An easy way to do this is by squeezing out a blob of glue on the back of a hand and then flipping the eyelash upside down and tapping gently onto the glue. Then gently place as close to the lash line as possible until they feel secure. Always coat and place one lash at a time.

    Top Tip: Before applying the false lashes, cut them to perfectly fit the shape of your eye.

    For added definition, emphasise the lash line by drawing a line (as close to the lashes as possible) with a black, felt eyeliner pen. Add a flick to the outer corners for added sass. Finish with a coating of waterproof mascara (always waterproof on the wedding day for obvious reasons!)

    Step 4 – Apply primer & foundation

    Glamorous bridal makeup step 4

    With the eyes all ready for the big day, now the attention is on the face. For the perfect base, apply a primer all over and massage gently into the skin. This will keep oil under control and maximise the longevity of your bridal look.

    With the base in place, apply foundation. For best results, use a foundation brush to ensure every area and crease is covered. To cover any dark circles under the eyes or blemishes, use a concealer in the targeted areas to ensure a radiant finish.  

    Step 5 – Contour, highlight & define

    Glamorous bridal makeup step 5

    Using a contouring crayon (for added ease) draw the outline of the number 3 on one side of the face. This should start from the forehead, go to under the cheekbone and end under the jaw. With the 3 in place and defined (it’s best to go over a couple of times), use a buffing brush to blend it out.  Repeat on the other side until you are happy that the contouring is even and symmetrical.

    Next, take a highlighter crayon and draw lines above the cheekbones, a line down the nose and a dot above the Cupid’s bow. You can choose to blend with a finger or blending sponge.

    To set the look, dab translucent powder to areas you want minimal shine, for most this will be focusing on the T-zone. And to finish the look, apply blusher to the apples of the cheeks. You can identify the best spot for application by simply smiling in the mirror.

    Step 6 – Fill in brows

    Glamorous bridal makeup step 6

    Eyebrows frame the face – fact. So neaten them up by filing in any gaps and defining the shape with an eyebrow pencil or powder.

    Step 7 – Finish with a bold lip

    Glamorous bridal makeup step 7

    This look is all about the glitz and glamour, to feel free to go bold when it comes to the lip colour. Here, we’ve chosen a bright berry lip to balance out the gold tones of the eyes. Whatever shade you pick, the application process will always be the same.

    Begin with the outline of the lips, starting with a cross shape to the Cupid’s bow for added precision. Once lined, fill in the inside space with the lip liner. Go over with a matching matte lipstick.

    Step 8 – Use setting spray

    Glamorous bridal makeup step 8

    To complete your look, use a finishing spray for maximum hold. Be sure to hold the spray at enough of a distance for it lightly mist the face, not directly onto the skin.

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