We tested out the new Maybelline Tattoo Brow range to see if you can really achieve natural-looking fuller arches without a visit to the brow bar…

Tory, Editor

My brows have currently seen better days. They’ve been tweezer-free for months in a bid to look more like Amal Clooney, but It hasn’t worked. They just look patchy, and I’ve become a slave to the brow pencil.

I was so ready to write off this brow tint as a gimmick, but I’m impressed. I just slathered on a thick layer at my desk (not recommended, I got some funny looks) waited 20 minutes, then peeled the whole lot off to reveal thicker-looking, better defined brows. 

Top tip: if you get any bits of the tint stuck between hairs, run a spoolie through your brows and you’re done.


Mollie, Junior Beauty Writer

I remember the first time I got my eyebrows tinted and it changed my life. From that day, I vowed never to leave my brows bare again. As you can imagine, getting them done every couple of weeks is a strain on the old bank balance, which is still on a slow and painful road to recovery post uni.

When Maybelline Tattoo Brow landed on my desk, I was sceptical but, hey, all in the name of beauty journalism. It was super-easy to apply, and when I peeled off the tint 20 minutes later, my brows looked instantly refreshed. This product will definitely allow me to get away with fewer trips to the brow bar.


Naomi, Digital Content Manger

When it comes to brows and their upkeep, I’m a total novice. I only ever pluck my eyebrows and, even then, it’s a bit of a rushed job. I want to do more with my brows but whenever it comes to tinting or filling them in, I get nervous. 

So when I heard about Maybelline Brow Tattoo, I thought I’d give it a go. Tinted eyebrows that take 20 minutes and last three days? Easy but also incredibly simple – this is my kind of makeup!

The product was easy to apply but a little harder to remove. The end result was great. I used the medium tint, which made my brows look bolder and better.


Chloe Alexandrou, Beauty Assistant

I’m definitely overprotective of my brows and, having had some disaster experiences in the past, I must admit I was reluctant to use the Maybelline Brow Tattoo eyebrow tint. I can safely say that I was pleasantly surprised with the result. After using the product, my brows looked subtly more defined and not like I’d drawn them on with a sharpie! I’ve been cured of my irrational fear of eyebrow tints.

The process was really easy and I was impressed at the amount of control I had over the application of the product. It was a little tricky to peel off, but oddly satisfying… I’ll be using this tint again 100%!


VERDICT: We're all obsessed! 

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