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How to Choose Your Hair Shade with L’Oréal – Superdrug
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How to Choose Your Hair Shade with L’Oréal

Ever wondered what the numbers on the hair dye box actually mean?  Well, they are universal and can help you decide whether the colour will work for you. With us reaching for DIY home dye kits now more than ever before, we know you’re just itching to find out how to always pick the right shade for you.

But before we delve into the numbers, you first need to decide which brand to go with, and we think this handy table will help!

L'oreal hair dye brands

The Failsafe Formula

Now you know which brand is best for you, here's how to work out which shade will transform your tresses!

Finding the right colour for your hair really is as simple as 1, 2… and that’s it! First, decide how light or dark you want your hair shade to be, and then decide what type of reflect you want the shade to give - cool, warm, or none at all. But remember, to get the best colour from your at-home dye, it’s best to not pick a shade that is more than 2 levels from your natural base colour!

Got it? Now, here’s how to determine your base colour and reflect.

1. The Base Colour

When you look at the numbers on your at-home hair dye box, the first number will always relate to the base colour. The higher the number, the lighter the base colour will be. For example, if the number starts with a 6, this is a light brown in the middle, or if you like the look of shade which starts with a 9 this is a light blonde.

2. Type of Reflect

After the base colour indicator, the second number always relates to the reflect of the colour, which is the colour you see through your locks in the light or when you move. The higher this number is, the warmer the reflect will be. For example, a number 1 is a cool reflect, while a number 3 is a warm, golden reflect.

Hair Colour Matrix

Okay, so remember, your first choice when selecting your shade is to choose your base colour number and then how cool or warm you want the reflect to be. Got it? Check out the L’Oréal Hair Matrix below, and it will ALL become clear!

hair matrix _resize

Now you know how to choose the best shade for you, head over to our ‘How to Dye Your Hair at Home’ article where none other than Davina McCall is showing us the ropes!

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