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Make Up Sponges

You could buy the best foundation in the world, used and recommended by all the best makeup artists, but if you’re not applying this correctly onto a prepped skin, you’re never going to achieve a flawless base. To help you create a seamless foundation base you need to use the right tools and ensure you blend, blend, blend. For an airbrushed look we suggest using a beauty blending makeup sponge. With its smooth surface you can easily blot and blend foundation onto your skin to create even coverage without any harsh lines.

Not just for creating an immaculate base though, these sponges have been ergonomically designed, with a rounded edge to dab and cover larger areas (read perfect for applying your base), as well as with a flatter side with a precision tip to help cover blemishes and imperfections, and helping you to achieve definition for contouring around the cheeks, nose and under eyes for a miracle complexion.

It’s super important you look after your makeup tools, and keeping them clean can help you to achieve a better base as well as helping to keep your skin clear and reduce the build up of bacteria on these surfaces. You can keep your beauty tools clean with our washing products. To reduce surface dirt when rolling around in your makeup bag though, choose a makeup sponge case duo which encases your sponge to keep it clean and debris free.

Use your miracle complexion sponges to apply everything from powder, creams and liquids, and for an experimental finish, try using your makeup blender damp as this will help to achieve an even more natural finish and reduce the amount of foundation your sponge absorbs, meaning less wastage (and cleaning).
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