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Liquid Soap

It’s important to wash our hands regularly to keep them clean and to protect us from germs and bacteria with antibacterial soap as well as regular soaps which help to rid them of surface dirt. To make hand washing easy and simple, have you tried using a liquid hand soap? Liquid soap can be easily dispensed onto your hand and when lathered together with water, will create a foam which will help to clean your hand along with other ingredients within the hand wash.

Although liquid hand wash is super handy and makes cleaning your hands a breeze, using liquid washes in plastic bottles and containers can be harmful to our environment as the plastic can end up in our oceans, causing harm to our sea life. With refillable liquid hand washes, you can help to cut down on plastic pollution though as refillable hand washes do not contain the plastic pump dispenser and it’s these that create the most plastic waste as they are not widely recyclable. Keep your hands and your planet clean with liquid soap.

Choose from a variety of scents as well as formulas containing hydrating properties for soft smelling clean hands.

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