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Panty Liners

If you suffer from daily leaks and discharge or you have a light menstrual flow, wearing sanitary pads can feel bulky and unnecessary for light trickles. Panty liners are soft thin pads that can be worn inside your underwear to absorb and soak up any unwanted dribbles and can be worn daily due to their sleek and conspicuous design.

It's perfectly safe to wear these panty pads every day to keep your undies dry and fresh, and with different shapes of liners for panties, you can wear these thin pads with whatever knickers you like, so if you’re more of a string wearer to a boxer wearer, you can now say goodbye to the Bridget Jones pants as we have thong pads which grip to and stick to smaller fabrics, as well as winged panty liner for extra stability and black panty liners that will look better suited with your black pants. So stop worrying about little leaks and get protected with discreet pads, which no one will know about.

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