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Menstrual Cups

If you like the tidiness of a tampon but want to find an alternative option that is more environmentally friendly and creates less waste, a menstrual cup could be the solution for you. Typically made from silicone, these flexible funnel shaped period cups can be easily inserted into the vagina like a tampon which you shouldn’t be able to feel, but unlike a tampon that absorbs the liquid, these cups collect the liquid, which you can then remove and wash out, allowing you to reuse your vaginal cup again and again.

Not only are many women turning to menstrual cups as an environmentally friendly solution to menstruation products, these cups are also able to hold more liquid then any other feminine hygiene solutions, and can be worn for longer too - up to 12 hours – so you’ll no longer have to worry about making a mad dash to the bathroom at 4am. Note people with heavier flows may need to empty their menstrual cup more often.