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Unwanted hair can crop up in all kinds of places, from your face, underarms, legs and even along your bikini line. To banish this hair and to avoid dreaded razor burn or ingrown hairs, waxing is the best method of doing so and is the longest lasting hair removal technique. 

At home waxing couldn’t be easier either as we have pre-prepared face wax strips for sensitive areas such as the eyebrow and the upper lip, and you can also find wax strips for more intimate areas too. Find bikini strips as well as wax strips for legs which you can easily apply and swipe off for instant hair removal.

For complete control over your waxing hair removal, hot wax is the next level if you’re after precision. Warm your wax until it is a runny consistency and apply to the desired area with a spatula. You can control where the wax goes for a tailored wax. Apply a clean wax strip to the wax whilst still warm, pull skin taught and whip the strip of in the opposite direction to which the hair naturally grows. This will ensure optimal hair removal, and pulling the skin taught will minimise pain. Many of our hot wax pots come in microwaveable containers and you can also find wax paper and applicators.

If you want to save the waxing for the professionals though and want a less painful hair removal technique, check out our hair removal creams which melt away hair, as well as epilators which pull out hairs at the root like waxing, but less mess!

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