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Female Disposable Razors

No fuzz no fuss disposable razors, Trim and shape your delicate body parts with our collection of disposable razors designed for a comfortable and smooth shave. Whether you're looking for a lightweight razor, a razor for sensitive skin or something...

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Venus Tropical Disposable Razors X3

£6.99 each £2.33 each

BIC Lady Soleil Disposable Razor x4

£2.45 each was £3.69 £2.45 each

Simply Venus Disposable Razors x8

£6.99 each 87.38p each

BIC Twin Lady Ladies Shaver Pack of 5
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£1.19 each was £1.79 23.80p each

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BIC Soleil Scent Disposable Razor x4

£3.69 each £3.69 each