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Kids Electrical Toothbrush

Healthy children need healthy teeth to match, and with kids’ electric toothbrushes, maintaining clean teeth, whether that be milk teeth or their adult teeth coming through; kids can maintain a healthy mouth and habits from a young age.

Children’s electric toothbrushes make brushing teeth fun and encourages kids to be more independent and responsible for their teeth and gums. Within our range we have all their favourite Disney characters from the likes of Star Wars and Frozen, to make teeth cleaning time enjoyable and less of a chore.

Getting young children brushing their teeth helps them to develop great oral care habits and electric toothbrushes offer a greater level of cleaning compared to a manual toothbrush. Not just basic brushes, many of our models have built in features like pressure sensors and timers, teaching little ones just how to care for their teeth and to brush for the dentist recommended 2 minutes twice a day.

To make sure every brush is good as the first, replace kids’ electric toothbrush heads approximately every 3 months. This will ensure optimal brushing as over time bristle can become frayed and less effective at cleaning and can also harbour bacteria. It is recommended by dentists that you replace your toothbrush or brush head every 12 weeks.

We have Oral B kid’s electric toothbrushes which are suitable for ages from 3+, however for smaller teeth and mouths, try out our baby toothbrushes suitable for new-borns from 0+.

Going hand in hand with kids’ toothbrushes is kids’ toothpaste. Check out our range of kid’s toothpaste which is suited to little ones with milder tastes, lower abrasiveness, and made from natural ingredients.