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Dry Skin

If you suffer from bladder weakness or incontinence; stop leaking and trickles in their tracks with incontinence pads which line your pants and fit so comfortably that you can barely tell they’re there. Inconspicuous in design, these pads fit to the shape of your pants and body to capture any urine, keeping your underwear dry and leaving you feeling fresher for longer.

How do incontinence pads work?
Adult incontinence pads are made of a cushioned absorbent material which fits seamlessly in your underwear to quickly turn liquid to gel, preventing moisture and dampness, leaving you feeling dry and fresher for longer. To use your incontinence liner, peel off the backing to reveal an adhesive underlining. Place this within the contours of your underwear for a discreet bladder weakness solution. We recommend replacing your disposable incontinence pads every 4-6 hours/ 4-6 times per day. This should ensure your pads are offering you the optimum level of protection for your absorbency level requirement as well as preventing skin irritation from any wetness and odour control.

You can use these incontinence pads through out the day and at night too with incontinence pads for bed, however you can also find incontinence pads for beds or bed pads which you can use to line your bed instead of your underwear for an alternative bladder weakness night time protection solution. When choosing the pad that is right for you, make sure you select the correct absorbency level for you from extra light to extra heavy. You won’t have to worry about sizing though as you would with incontinence pants, however with pads you will still need to select the correct pads for you, whether that be men’s incontinence pads or women’s.

Don’t let bladder weakness get in the way of you enjoy and active and fulfilling life and pad down with these discreet urinary incontinence solutions.

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