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Liquid Highlighter

The secret to radiant, glowing skin in an instant is well… it’s no secret at all! It is, of course, created with the makeup bag must-have liquid highlighter. At Superdrug, we have a liquid highlighter to suit all levels of glow-getters from formulas that leave a subtle shimmer to those with blinding intense luminosity from brands such as NYX, Revolution, Barry M, L’Oreal and more. To find the best liquid highlighter for you, start by choosing a colour that’s a couple of shades lighter than your skin tone. This will give you a more natural finish and make it easier to blend. Just like when you’re choosing a foundation, you can use the undertones of your skin to find the perfect highlighter match. If you have warm tones in your complexion, bronze or gold highlighters will pop on your skin. If your complexion is cooler, then icy and pearlescent highlighters will give you the most radiant of skin!

When you’ve found a shade that gives you life, next up is to know where to put it! Always apply liquid highlighter above your cheekbones, never below; you can apply it down the bridge of your nose; and don’t forget to apply a touch to your cupid’s bow too. Gorgeous!

If subtlety isn’t the name of your game, you can add a few highlighter drops to your liquid foundation to make it look like your skin is literally radiating light! As well as making our skin look out of this world, liquid highlighters are also low-maintenance to use, meaning you don’t need to be a MUA in the masking to master it, they’re super-blendable and buildable so you can create a look that suits you, and (as if there’s more!) most formulas are hydrating so your skin is benefiting too! Glow bestowers, we love you!

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