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Foundation for Oily Skin

When dealing with oily skin you’ll often find your shiney skin outshining your makeup mid-way through the day. To combat this and to keep your skin looking matte and your makeup lasting all day you need a foundation for oily skin which will absorb excess oil helping to keep shine at bay. The key to preventing oiliness is to look for an oil free foundation so that you’re not adding to the problem, but you’ll also want to look for mattifying mousse foundation formulas or powder foundations. Powder foundation is a dry formula that will absorb excess oil and prevent shine, as well as reducing excess moisture from being added to the skin. These are a great foundation option for a light coverage or for laying over the top of your base for setting it in place and absorbing oil. Mousse foundations similarly reduce shine and are oil free but offer a higher level of coverage which you can easily blend and build for your chosen level of coverage. Choose either foundation and you’re greasy skin will be a thing of the past with these anti-shine formulas.

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