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Foundation For Mature Skin

As our skin changes and matures with age it requires a different approach to skincare, and this is no different for makeup and your foundation. As our skin evolves it is prone to developing fine lines, age spots and skin pigmentation, so when looking for a foundation for older skin we want something that will offer a higher level of coverage which will camouflage all these, but isn’t so heavy that it settles into our wrinkles, and looks after our skin. It’s also important when looking for a foundation for mature skin to look for foundations that contain SPF and hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. SPF is a skincare must no matter what age you are, as sun exposure can cause premature ageing and skin damage, but it’s also important to ensure your skin remains hydrated as when we get older our skin starts to produce less moisture as well as some foundations being drying on our skin. Foundations that tend to be more dehydrating than others are matte, mouse foundations. Avoid these and opt for a liquid foundation for the best foundation for mature skin. For a multitasking product which offers skincare benefits as well as imperfection covering in one, tinted moisturisers are a great light coverage alternative for ageing skin.

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