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Foundation For Dry Skin

Applying foundation to dry skin can be quite the challenging task and can often cause more problems than it solves as applying foundation over flaky skin can only highlight the problem and can often lead to further drying of the skin with certain formulas. The best solution? A liquid foundation that is hydrating on the skin but also offers great coverage. Finding such a foundation can be a daunting task though with so many different formulas and products on the market, however more and more brands are aware of the challenges that come with applying foundation to dry skin and have developed water based solutions which don’t cling to dry patches as well as help to retain skins moisture. Luckily for you though we have hand picked the best foundation for dry skin so you don’t have to sift through the plethora of foundations out there so you can cover your inflamed, dry skin in a jiffy. From skin saturating formulas to quench you parched skin as well as varying coverages to suit your needs, we have easily blendable liquid and cream formulas so you can achieve a flawless base every time.

When choosing a foundation for dry skin, stay clear of foundations which contain silicone as this will only cling to flakey skin and make this more of a focus. Instead choose water-based foundations which contain hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. Although it’s great to choose a foundation containing skin hydrating ingredients, it’s also important to look after your skin post applying foundation. Apply an SPF moisturiser to your skin before applying your foundation. This will help to soften dry skin and to help your skin to preserve its moisture content.

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