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We all strive for the perfect flawless finish but behind every immaculate base is a rainbow of colour correcting concealers, counteracting imperfect undertones to give the appearance of a natural radiant look. To correctly colour your face and find out how you can get your best-looking skin yet, listen up and find out what the different colour correctors are for. Do you suffer with sallow under eye circles in need of brightening? Blue/lavender shades will illuminate eyes making them appear wider and more awake. Time of the month and suffering from sore, red blemishes? A little green concealer will neutralise this leaving your skin looking cool and angry spots gone. For brightening different skin tones, pink colour correctors brighten fair skin, yellow colour correctors cancel out dullness in olive skin and orange colour corrector works a dream on dark skin making it glow.

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Vichy Dermablend Colour Corrector Apricot 4.5g
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