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Bouncy curls and tumbling wave; there’s something about curly hair which looks so effortless – but it can be quite the opposite for curled hair beholders. Curly hair is a much sought-after hair type; however, it requires a lot of care and attention to maintain the coils of your kinks and to keep them looking healthy instead of frizzy.

The key factor to keeping curly hair looking healthy is ensuring it is hydrated. Hydration = healthy. So, with all this upkeep and maintenance, you want a product that will continue to care and hydrate your hair long after applying it, and that’s where leave in conditioner for curly hair comes in. You see, applying a regular conditioner or mask works to deeply hydrate your curls, however once you have washed this out, the benefits cease to exist. With a leave in conditioner however, this product remains on your hair, continuing to nourish and moisturise it, without leaving it feeling sticky or looking greasy, so your hair continues to be looked after throughout the day whilst still looking gorgeous. Try out an all-day conditioner for your curly hair now with easy to apply leave in conditioner sprays as well as leave in conditioner creams that you apply throughout your hair as you would a curl cream to help hold your curls as well as lock in moisture all day long. Try using a leaving in conditioner for frizzy hair from well-known curly hair brands like Cantu, Shea Moisture and Palmers. For non-curly hair types, try our leave in conditioners suitable for all hair types.