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Vitamin D

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What is vitamin d? ▼

Vitamin d is a vitamin which the body produces through exposure to light as well as through certain food sources such as oily fish and egg.

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What does vitamin d do and why is it important? ▼

Vitamin d, and in particular vitamin d3, helps the body to absorb calcium and phosphate into the gut as well as helping you to maintain a healthy immune system. These nutrients help to keep bones healthy as well as teeth and muscles and improves your immune health. Without these nutrients the body can develop deformities such as rickets in children and bone pains in adults so it’s important we all incorporate it into our systems. Increasing your vitamin d intake and taking vitamin d supplements can also help to ward off cold and flu in the winter too.

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How can I increase my vitamin d levels? ▼

It is normal within the winter months to have lower levels of vitamin d as when day light levels decrease our bodies are not able to produce as much vitamin d and in some cases people can develop a vitamin d deficiency if they don’t incorporate this into their diet. The government recommends increasing your vitamin d intake between October-March when the body’s production of this valuable vitamin decrease. If you think you may be vitamin d deficient you should contact your doctor. If you feel you’re not getting enough vitamin d in your diet, try taking vitamin d tablets. We have tablets which include over 10 micrograms of vitamin d as well as some that include additional calcium which your body could also be lacking for optimum nutrient and vitamin uptake.

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