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Immune Defence

Are you sick of getting sick? To prevent illness and to protect our immune system, Read more

it’s important to look after and maintain our health as a preventative measure to reduce our chances of contracting cold and flu. In order to maintain health and a healthy immune system, it is all how you care for yourself. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet are important factors when sustaining a strong immune defence and can be big contributors when it comes down to immunity from illness. Vitamins for the immune system can be found in our food and in supplements we take which help to ward off cold and flu and fight fatigue. Immune system booster vitamins work to reinforce and support the body’s natural functions of fighting illness with the likes of vitamin C, D, and E.

Vitamin c – vitamin c tablets plays an important role in the immune system as it’s a powerful antioxidant which fights colds and infections.

Vitamin d – our bodies need sunlight to naturally produce vitamin d which is why it is recommended you take vitamin d supplements for the immune system in the winter months as with fewer daylight hours, our vitamin d production decreases making us more susceptible to cold and flu in peak season.

Echinacea tablets – it’s been shown these tablets increase white blood cell count which are cells that fight against infection and can help to fight common cold and flu.

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