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Glucose Tablets

If suffer with diabetes, your blood sugar levels could be susceptible to fluctuating. If you notice your blood sugar is taking a dip, it might be wise to take a glucose tablet. Made from sugar glucose sugar can come in chewable, dissolvable or liquid formats which you can add to a drink or eat for a quick spike to your blood sugar.

You can also take glucose tablets and supplements if you’re feeling lethargic and your energy levels are waning. When this feeling strikes, simply pop a glucose tablet in your mouth and chew for an instant sugar hit and energy surge.

Glucose tablet are first and foremost designed to be taken for those with diabetes and who suffer with hypoglycaemia, however you can pick up glucose powder and tablets with added caffeine and vitamin c for a little lift.

You can also get a sugar hit from dextrose tablets too. Dextrose tablets are just like glucose tablets but are made from different sugars. You can also shop our other energy supplements here.