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Experiencing dryness during sexual intercourse or just wanting more pleasure? A staple in any bedside draw, sexual lubricants can offer relief if you or your partner experiences vaginal dryness as well as offering a heightened sexual experience. Lubes can do this as they come in a multitude of flavours as well as sensations, giving you a little extra tingle on your sensitive bits whilst providing you with a smooth ride, glide after glide.

Don’t fret about safe sex though, as with our range of lubricants you can find water-based lube formulas which work safely with condoms for steady, protected sex. For more on condoms as well as ribbed condoms which can also help to increase sexual pleasure, shop here.

When it comes to oral sex, you can also enjoy flavoured lubes, coming in all kinds of fruity flavours like sweet strawberry lube. If that isn’t enough to heighten your senses and to give you a good time, we also have a range of massage oils, gels and balms to increase sensitivity on your erogenous zones to help get you in the mood and offering an even more pleasurable experience.

If vaginal dryness is a common issue for you outside the bedroom, try out our remedies.

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Durex Intense Stimulating Orgasmic Gel 10ml

£9.99 each £99.90 per 100ml

Durex Naturals Water Based Pure Lube Gel 100ML

£9.99 each £9.99 per 100ml

Yes Water Based Intimate Lubricant 50ml

£4.49 each was £7.99 £8.98 per 100ml

KY Jelly 75ml

£5.19 each £6.92 per 100ml

Durex Play Water Based Strawberry Lube Gel 100ML

£7.99 each £7.99 per 100ml

Durex Play Feel Water Based Lube 100ml
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£6.99 each £6.99 per 100ml

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Durex Natural Avera Extra Sensitive Lube 100ml

£9.99 each £9.99 per 100ml

Durex Sensual 2 in 1 Massage Play Water Based Lube

£7.99 each £4.00 per 100ml

Woowoo lube 50ml arousal boosting sexual lubricant

£6.99 each £13.98 per 100ml

KY Jelly 50ml

£3.59 each £7.18 per 100ml

First Response Fertility Friendly Lubricant 40g Tube

£18.49 each £4.62 per 100g

Durex Play Feel Water Based Lube 50ml

£3.99 each was £4.99 £7.98 per 100ml

Durex Play Water Based Tingling Lube Gel 100ML

£7.99 each £7.99 per 100ml

Superdrug Lube 50ml

£2.99 each £5.98 per 100ml