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Looking to spice thing up in the bedroom? It can be healthy to switch things up under the covers every now and then, although it’s always important when doing this to practice safe sex. The most accessible safe sex measure is condoms.

Condoms not only protect users from unwanted pregnancies working as a form of contraception, but they also protect users from unwanted STIs too. An STI (sexually transmitted disease) or an STD (sexually transmitted disease) can present themselves in many different forms from genital itching, unusual discharge, blistering, as well as some not having any symptoms at all. If symptoms go undetected then STIs can cause longer term health issues, so it’s important to be clued up on their symptoms. Click here for more advice on what to do if you have unprotected sex.

If you want to enjoy sex safely and enhance your sexual experience, dotted, ringed and ribbed condoms are the way to go. Hitting different spots and delivering different sensations these textured condoms can take your sexual encounter from oh to WOAH! If that doesn’t tickle your taste buds though, check out our range of flavoured condoms adding fruity flavours to your foreplay. And for those of you that are animals in the bedroom, but animal lovers outside, give our vegan condoms a go. Offering just as good protection as regular condoms, whilst being kind to animals.

If you’ve had a sexual encounter without using appropriate protection or the right contraception though, look into using one of our morning after pills, as well as taking an at home STI test.

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