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Meal Replacement Bars

Whether you’re after a healthy alternative to a tasty treat mid-morning or your trying to follow a calorie-controlled diet and are in need of a sweet pick me up, meal replacement bars can be consumed as part of a healthy balanced diet or they can be used as a meal replacement when you’re trying to control your calorie intake on the go.

Great for if you have a sweet tooth, our replacement bars come in a range of flavours and will help to nip any cravings in the bud. Sweet in flavour, our bars are still nutritionally balanced and so not only make a good alternative to chocolate bars and biscuits, but they are better for you too, in comparison.

Choose from firm favourites, Slimfast meal replacement bars, or tasty alternatives from LighterLife and Slenderplan, which include some savoury weight loss meal replacement bars too.

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