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High Protein & Low Carb Bars

Get a protein boost without the calorie hit with low carb protein bars which are low in sugar and calories and still taste great.

Protein bars are often high in calories as they give you an energy boost for your workout, however this is not ideal if you are on an increased protein diet to help keep you feeling fuller for longer, and to reduce your snacking to aid weight loss. Low calorie protein bars are the perfect alternative to regular protein bars, as they give you that same energy boost and protein punch that an ordinary bar would, but without the hike in carbs and calories.

Coming in a range of flavours too, these protein bars satisfy the sweetest of teeth with flavours including chocolate, birthday cake, cookies and many, many more, coming in formulations of protein bars, protein flap jack bars and protein cake bars. You’ll find it hard to believe these protein bars are low in carbohydrates and calories.