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New to Contact Lenses

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New to Contact Lenses

Becoming a contact lens wearer

New to Contact Lenses

Interested in becoming a contact lens wearer? Here’s how…

Start by booking an eye examination to make sure your eyes are healthy and find out if you’re suitable (most people are!). Your optician will then arrange for a contact lens fitting and trial.

What will happen at this appointment?

  • Your optician will discuss your visual and lifestyle requirements. They’ll check the necessary measurements of your eyes to ensure the best lens type, fit and vision, before trying lenses.
  • You’ll be supported in learning how to handle and care for your lenses.
  • After you’ve worn the lenses for 1-2 weeks, you will have the health of your eyes checked again.
  • Your optician will advise you when you should wear the lenses and how often you should replace them.
  • Once your prescribing optician is happy, they will tell you that the fitting is completed – this will depend on your lens type and your eye health.
  • Don’t forget that, once fitted, you will need to have regular check-ups to make sure your eyes are healthy and to get the best from your contact lenses.

How do you order your new lenses?

The details which enable a lens to be ordered for you are referred to as a contact lens specification. This is not the same as your spectacle prescription. Your optician must issue you with a contact lens specification once your contact lens fitting is completed.

Do I need a specification in order to buy contact lenses at

Yes, an in-date specification is required for all contact lenses that are designed to correct your eyesight (‘powered’ contact lenses). Under General Optical Council Regulations we can only supply you with the lenses as specified by your optician.