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Catering for all types of curls, from tight coils to looser waves. We've put together some of the best black hair care products as well as hair how-to's and top tips for keeping your hair in the best condition.


Be inspired
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    We sent beauty vlogger Courtneys Curls a range of Cantu hair products to see whether they help create natural-looking, beautifully textured curls. Let’ s find out…
  • Wash and Go Curly Hair

    Want frizz-free, defined curls? We asked curl queen Simone Powderly for her tips on how to wash and style curly hair the easy way.
  • Winter hair care tips

    Tweaking your hair care routine in winter is a must if you want to keep your natural afro hair looking its best.

To have afro or curly hair is a blessing and something only many of us can wish for. But to keep your textured hair looking its best and to keep your kinks twisted, your coils tightly spun and your curls curly and wavy, you need to invest in some quality curly hair products which will help you to tame your voluminous hair and to keep frizz at bay without the hefty price tags.

Black hair types or hair that is naturally wavy tends to generally be more dry than straight hair types as natural oils from the scalp struggle to travel down the curled hair follicles. For this reason, it’s important you take extra special care of your afro hair with natural and afro hair products which will help to seal hair cuticles and hydrating them, leaving your curls looking nourished, moisturised and defined. With all these benefits, curly hair shampoo and conditioner will help to make your hair more manageable as well as making it easier to style; so that hair-do you thought you couldn’t rock because of your unruly hair? Think again.

For curly and black hair products outside of the shower and for long lasting benefits of leaving products in your hair for continuous curly hair care throughout the day, check out our curly hair creams and leave in conditioners for all day luscious kinks, curls and coils care.