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Foundation Makeup Brush

At the base of all stunning makeup looks is a well applied foundation. This should be applied evenly and cover any unwanted blemishes and imperfections for an even looking skintone. To achieve this, you need to choose the right foundation. But what a lot of people neglect and forget to consider is the tools your applying it with. Using a foundation brush is one way in which you can apply your base layer as well as makeup sponges. Suitable for being used with liquid and cream foundations, liquid foundation brushes help to evenly disperse your foundation to achieve a silky coverage, as well as helping you to achieve a flawless, smooth finish which is blended into your skin so well, you won’t be able to tell the difference between where your foundation finishes and your natural skin tone begins.

What is the best foundation brush?

When it comes to foundation makeup brushes, it’s not a case of one size fits all and there’s actually a whole number of different brushes to choose from.

Select from a traditional flat foundation brush which is great for painting on cream or liquid foundation and evenly distributes product for a smooth finish without any streaks or brush strokes; just seamless, flawless foundation.

Another option is the flat top foundation brush which has densely packed bristles, like a buffing brush, which can be used to work foundation onto the face for an airbrushed finish.

And the final alternative is a stippling brush. A fluffy flat headed brush with varying bristle lengths to ensure every nook and crevice of your face’s contours are covered. A stippling brush works by blotting the face with your foundation, producing lots of little dots that are so tightly packed that they blend to create a flawless finish.

All our foundations will help you to achieve a beautiful base, so shop our range and find the one that suits you best. Here at Superdrug, we love Real Techniques Foundation Brushes.
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