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TODAY ONLY - Earn 300 points when you spend £30 with your Health & Beautycard - ONLINE ONLY**

TODAY ONLY - Earn 300 points when you spend £30 with your Health & Beautycard - ONLINE ONLY**

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Eye Shadow Brush

The key to a flawless eyeshadow look is blending, blending, blending. And how do you achieve a flawlessly blended eyeshadow? You buy an eye makeup brush which is designed to help you buff, brush and blend your eyeshadow so your creation of colours seamlessly blends into one another so there’s no harsh lines for an immaculate, perfect look.

Before you grab the eyeshadow brush though, first we need to explain that not all eyeshadow brushes are made the same, and some have more dense bristles than others for applying your pigmented eyeshadow, and others that are more suited to help with that blending process!

So, there is the typical eyeshadow brush which is rounded with semi densely packed tapered bristles to help pick up product for an intense swath of colour on your lids. Use this to pat coloured powder or cream eyeshadow onto your eyes for a powerful punch of colour all over your lid.

For flawless colour merging comes the blending brush. Fluffy in texture with looser packed bristles, the blending brush helps you to buff and blend eyeshadow for soft lines that seamlessly blend together.

No eye makeup look is complete without a slick of liquid eyeliner and a sweep of mascara. Check out our selection of eyeliners and mascaras now.

For a complete eyeshadow brush combination, shop our makeup brush sets with sets dedicated eyeshadow brush sets for creating sultry shadow.
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