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Face Masks And Coverings

There are many things in life which we cannot control and controlling the air we breathe is just one of them. But why is it important to control and filter the air in which we breathe with face masks? Air pollution, allergies and infectious airborne diseases and viruses all live and survive in the air surrounding us, making it hard for us to see them and making it easy for us to breathe these in. To prevent these viruses and air pollutant nasties from entering our systems though, single use facemasks and reusable face coverings are a great way of controlling this and preventing transmission.

Wearing a face mask will not stop or prevent you from contracting viruses or from breathing in air pollutants, however they can work to reduce your chances of contracting these and breathing these in, as well as working to prevent the transmission by reducing the spread of air particles and water vapour from talking, coughing and sneezing.

In order to get the most out of your face mask, it is recommended you wear these at all times when exposed to any foreign bodies outside of your normal home environment or when you are in close proximity to other people in enclosed spaces. It is also now compulsory across many places in the UK to wear disposable face masks or face coverings when travelling on public transport, as well as in shops.

To apply a face covering, take the loops from your mask and hook these over the back of your ears, ensuring the fabric is covering both your nose and mouth. It is essential your face mask fits close to your face, to reduce any chance of vapour or particles entering or escaping the enclosing to offer you the highest level of protection. For further information on how to wear your face mask, check your mask packaging.

All of our fabric face masks are made from three layers of skin-friendly fabric to cover the nose and mouth, featuring elasticated ear loops for optimal comfort. Our surgical masks also have a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency of 95% with 3-ply filtration.

On top of wearing a face mask it is always important to ensure you maintain clean hands. For easy hand cleansing on the go, always carry hand gel and hand wipes.

If you’re wearing a facemask and keeping your hands clean, you’re doing all the right things, however prolonged use of facemasks can cause friction on your face resulting in 'Maskne' – as if 2020 had anything else up its sleeve! Find out more about Maskne and how you can prevent it.

Confused between which mask to choose? Get clued up on the different types of face masks and coverings.

Also, if you need help with "How to stop glasses fogging" up with a face mask - this might help.

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