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Bath Salts, Bombs & Fizzes

A bubble bath is not complete without all the extra bells and whistles. A sprinkle of bath salt here, a bubbly bath bomb there. It’s the added extras that truly make the bathing experience and with salts that can help to relax and soothe your muscles from a long day’s work, to sensual bath fizzers which froth away, creating a kaleidoscope of colours with rainbow bath bombs, along with sweet smells and nourishing benefits for your skin. Bath bombs are all encapsulating for your senses.

If you’re worried about the effects these additional bath ingredients may have on your skin, there’s no need, as many of our bath salts are suitable for sensitive skin and not only help to calm, soothe and relax, achy muscles, but we also have bath sprinkles that will nourish dry and irritated skin.

As for fizzy bath bombs – we have a wide selection of bath bombs coming in a range of scents, and colours to make for an out of this world experience as well as bath bombs for kids coming in character designs for bath time fun. From lightly floral scented bombs to fruity and sweet flavours, we have single fizzers and bath bomb sets that will satisfy anyone’s senses and create a bath and colour explosion.

To use your bath bomb, simply drop your fizzer into water and allow it to dissolve and melt away, bringing with it colour, smells and skin goodness. Then plunge yourself into this gloriously glam bath water and soak up aromas and let the water caress your skin, leaving it lightly scented and softly moisturised once you’re finished bathing.

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