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Bath Salts, Bombs & Fizzes

A bubble bath is not complete without all the extra bells and whistles. A sprinkle of bath salt here, a bubbly bath bomb there. It’s the added extras that truly make the bathing experience and with salts that can help to relax and soothe your mus...

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Bubble T Cosmetics Confetea Macaron Bath Bomb Stack (5x50g)
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£6.00 each £2.40 per 100.00g

Luvyah Cosmetics Grapefruit & Sugarcane Bath Bomb

£6.99 each was £5.49 £3.99 per 100.00g

Westlab Epsom Bathing Salt 1Kg

£2.49 each was £4.99 24.90p per 100g

Westlab Dead Sea Bathing Salt 1Kg

£2.49 each was £4.99 24.90p per 100g

Dove Salts Pouch Restoring Care 900G
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£3.45 each was £6.99 38.33p per 100g

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